Our Story

Welcome to 925 The Showroom, a beacon of craftsmanship and eclectic style in the jewellery universe. With a rich heritage spanning over 35 years, our founder, Chereann Du Bois's inspiration is drawn from extensive journeys through Africa and along the exotic trails of the silk route. These experiences have shaped our tribal-influenced designs, lending each collection a distinctive flair.

At 925 The Showroom, jewellery transcends mere adornment, becoming works of art. Our pieces, handcrafted with impeccable attention to detail, celebrate the elegance of diverse cultures. Proudly produced in South Africa, both our delicate beaded range and sterling silver collection reflect our deep affection for our homeland and our dedication to supporting local craftsmanship. Our global scope further allows us to source extraordinary pieces in various metals, enriching our offerings.

Through constant sourcing, creating, and curating, we offer collections that traverse a myriad of styles and aesthetics. Each creation embodies a lifelong passion for the jewellery trade, encapsulating both tradition and innovation.

Step into our world and explore the boundless beauty and endless possibilities that await at 925 The Showroom. With a focus on authenticity, elegance, and timeless charm, we invite you to discover the artistry of South African-made jewellery, where every piece is a symbol of love and excellence.